Bacon and Chocolate

move over chocolate and peanut butter, im replacing you with bacon and chocolate!

on our trips to chicago, we make it a point to stop at Vosges Haut Chocolat. this is a mini trip to heaven and you must go or shop online!  I promise you wont be disappointed. {unless you are from GA and you are convinced on getting your chocolate from Quicktrip} You definitely get what you pay for.

my favorite among all they offer is the Mo’s Bacon Bar.    its like having chocolate chip pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon all put together in squares of chocolate. Im about to place my order for Valentines…good excuse right?!

ive been hearing a lot about  bacon and chocolate lately, even in cupcakes! i gotta get to that somehow!

im always looking for something new to try at home  so you can probably imagine when I came across this recipe for Brown Butter  Bacon Choc Chip Cookies, I was pretty ecstatic! And so was the husband.  Im asked about once a week by either him or the kids to make chocolate chip cookies.  i cant say no, i love doing it. and its about the only way i can get the kids to drink milk;)

If you want a thicker cookie, just add another 1/3 cup of flour. Thats what I did and they turned out GREAT!

Let me know how they turn out!!  Im sad I have nothing left-over!




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4 responses to “Bacon and Chocolate

  1. Jessica Rivera

    I’m your girl for the bacon cupcakes! Buttermilk cake with maple scented buttercream with BACON! Yes ma’am…I am most DEF making these cookies!!!! Miss you mama 🙂

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