Merry Christmas 11′

We will be spending our Merry Christmas with our families in Georgia. I have had so much fun this year prepping for this Christmas. I managed to be a lot more organized and efficient but still we look like we are moving because our truck is so crammed!

This is the first year I’ve had things wrapped up and ready before the 23rd in years.. or ever! Last year we were wrapping stuff Christmas Eve, and I vowed to never again!

The excitement in my kids is so much fun. My boys have been daily under the tree shaking and guessing or counting what is theirs. Madison is like me, she just wants to be totally surprised. (but clearly surprised with only the things on her list haha)

I’m ready to begin our traditions, put on our matching pj’s and heat up the cocoa, and watch a few more Christmas movies.

Happy Christmas to you. May yours be Merry + Bright!





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My Fix

I dont know what life would be like without a good magazine to thumb through with pretty pictures of fashion. My mom is the one who started my magazine craziness. I have a stack in about every room of the house. I cant seem to get rid of them either. You just never know when something could inspire you.
Even better now, {or worse} is my addiction to blogs and online magazines. I can literally get lost in time looking through pages and pages of posts! My window of time lately has been after the kids are sleeping and Im finding myself up till two!
Ive been hitting this site like a crack addict! I love this girls style at Sea of Shoes. When I close my eyes, Im dressed like this!

I would so wear this…it makes me wanna pull out my leather pants.

Actually once I saw this pic, I spent loads of time trying to hunt these shoes down all over the net. I have a skirt like this and I would give Trents arm for them. {not mine, hahahahah, im so laughing}
Come to find out they are Prada’s spring line from 2006. They are NOWHERE to be found,not even on ebay. Im still on the lookout though;)

yep, this is me….

seriously?? Have you seen a better looking pair of boots!

Isn’t she a doll!


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Bacon and Chocolate

move over chocolate and peanut butter, im replacing you with bacon and chocolate!

on our trips to chicago, we make it a point to stop at Vosges Haut Chocolat. this is a mini trip to heaven and you must go or shop online!  I promise you wont be disappointed. {unless you are from GA and you are convinced on getting your chocolate from Quicktrip} You definitely get what you pay for.

my favorite among all they offer is the Mo’s Bacon Bar.    its like having chocolate chip pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon all put together in squares of chocolate. Im about to place my order for Valentines…good excuse right?!

ive been hearing a lot about  bacon and chocolate lately, even in cupcakes! i gotta get to that somehow!

im always looking for something new to try at home  so you can probably imagine when I came across this recipe for Brown Butter  Bacon Choc Chip Cookies, I was pretty ecstatic! And so was the husband.  Im asked about once a week by either him or the kids to make chocolate chip cookies.  i cant say no, i love doing it. and its about the only way i can get the kids to drink milk;)

If you want a thicker cookie, just add another 1/3 cup of flour. Thats what I did and they turned out GREAT!

Let me know how they turn out!!  Im sad I have nothing left-over!



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Beautiful Things

Happy Monday!

I’ve been thinking about how God turns “nothings” into “somethings”. God can use anything to make the most beautiful masterpieces. Anyone, any story, anything. Every stroke of His paintbrush brings something beautiful to our canvas.
You may be thinking, ” I didn’t choose these colors”,or “I didn’t expect that to bleed out of the lines”, or “now I’ve got a mess and I need to start all over, but it’s too late”.
But with God, He uses these things to show the unbeliever His glory-He can make people stand in awe of what comes out of our “messes”.

So keep hope alive today. You may think you are looking at a mess, but in time, you will see His handiwork.

Your voice is not too small. Its never too late. Favor can come in a day.

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Happy Weekend!

originally we were to be in tulsa today. one of the reasons we cut celebrating our anniversary so short. the snow messed that up so we are off this weekend. but its cool. this really is a blessing in disguise – i really need some family time.

its a treat when we get a family night on a friday. tonight we decided on a pizza outing.
a long ways from the five star restaurant last night.

Look at that little pizza face in the middle. I could just eat him.
our favorite combo is ham, pineapple, and banana pepper- yummo!

cheers to the sleeping in tomorrow and a family style breakfast!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Happily Ever After

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February 3~

Happy Anniversary to us!

Starting the day off our favorite way..

I think Im one blessed chic. At fifteen,

when I laid eyes on TC,

I told my girlfriends, “I dont know who that is,

but one day, Im gonna marry him”.

We have come through so much. Adventure is an understatement. But life has been full!



We definitely got these three things right!

Who knew! Who knew I’d be marrying a world shaker. My biggest inspiration. A man who has never been limited by his surroundings. A leader. A lover of people. The most incredible hand~holder. My dreamy husband. A wrestling maniac dad to my boys and a “knight in shining armor” to my princess daughter.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths. {prov 3:6}

Delight yourself in the LORD,
and he will give you the desires of your heart. {psalms 37:4}


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Wedding Talk

I can hardly believe it has been fifteen years (tomorrow)for me and the mister. My heart has been leading me into all kinds of thoughts regarding this anniversary.  I started thinking about it a few months back as I dreamt about walking down the isle again. I have actually had this dream many times, and I wonder if this is really something I will actually do again. I think it would be fun!
Mostly, I would just like an updated wedding album! The images photographers produce now seem to be a lot more timeless.

I would do things so differently…

We sure didn’t have “Say Yes To The Dress” back then to inspire. There were actually no reality shows!

I always loved looking at my parents wedding album when I was little. I was fascinated with the short dresses and bow ties of their time. SO, I would probably wear something like this since anything vintage is cool these days.

And I found out through Made By Girl,  one of my favorite stores, ANTHROPOLOGY is unveiling their new wedding line around Valetines Day…
This is exactly where I would end up playing around.

and perhaps wearing something like this… what a great way to wear something blue..

Its so much fun to dream. Living with my Love has been a dream. I most certainly would do it again.{but with more style;)}


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God Winks

Im away from home with the mister.  We were invited to Ohio for a couple ministry events.  But really, Im in Paris. {my pretend Paris} God winks at me time to time and creates opportunites for Him and for me. {wink}  I love a fancy hotel, but our treat this weekend is staying in the enchanting home of our friends, The Mittens.  Every room is incorporated with European elements and when I curl up on the sofa in the sunroom with with a latte, it feels like a perfect get-away.

Everyone needs a friend like Jana. ( and of course Mark)

I love to get up early and just stare out the window. Its always so quiet and peaceful.

maybe because I didnt bring these guys…

I had to add those faces in. I miss them so much when they dont get to travel with us.
Tomorrow will be another routine day, but as for this weekend, it was indescribable what God did. Our ministry is shifting in response to our faith. We are seeing people experience healing, and a hunger for the supernatural is rising in the church. Im thankful. Thankful to be at work in expanding the Kingdom, thankful for worship that is “outside the box”, and certainly thankful for friends along the way.

Do you ever feel like God winks at you? …. I do!

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Happy Friday

I love Fridays! Even better, Fridays when Im home with my family!  Today Im pulling Trent and the kids out to Piedmont Park in hopes to get some cute  pics for my “hopefully soon updated” site.

I went to the mall yesterday to grab couple things I had in mind for colors. Coordinating this family has become more and more difficult, yet I keep at it for pictures. I used to do that on Sundays but they have strong minds of their on now and its becoming a losing battle.

I imagined  corals and navy’s and was hoping for some kelly green and I hit the bullseye. I had no idea those colors would be “THE” spring colors.  Thankfully a few stores and I think alike!

Just thought I would share some great finds since they are especially budget friendly.

I found these cute ballet flats for Madison at H&M for under $13.oo…wow right?

I found this jacket for Trent there also…under $30 bucks

I did find this belt for myself, although Im not sure its gonna make quite yet. I just really was hoping for this color to play in.  But it was under $5, so who cares! Its cute and I can find a place for it:For the boys, I ran real quick in P.S. from Aéropostale® they had all the colors for my palette. You can get some really cool T’s in there for under $10.  This is just a little sneak peak. Other stuff Im working with right out of our closets to go with all our dark skinny jeans. {that is except for mister TC} {haaaa, that just made me lol. He just refuses me on this}

I better get to moving quick, this day is a passin!



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